Fintech trends for 2022: new development vectors
Payments in a metaverse, the next big thing to replace big data, the importance of tokenizing real-world assets for the global economy — experts from Digital Horizon share their vision for fintech in the near future.
Venture investors shape the future by voting in favor of developing certain technologies with their capital. Until recently, there weren’t many surprises: at any given moment, we could imagine what would happen in the next three, five, or even ten years. For example, last year, the Digital Horizon team talked about trends which developed at an accelerated rate because of the pandemic but, at the same time, were linear and quite predictable. Today, embedded finance, a synergy of financial and insurance products, low-code and no-code services, direct account-to-account payments, and other technological solutions are already making their way into commercial operation.
But 2021 was different. It became the year of a major qualitative shift in the global economy and set new development vectors for the fintech market. And we all saw how the ongoing pandemic and increased social pressure have significantly expanded the possibilities and areas of application for fintech solutions.
When working on this report, Digital Horizon experts understood how difficult it is to predict the future today. Nevertheless, we have selected the seven most fundamental trends, in our opinion, and worked out two possible scenarios of how each may unfold. We are expecting an optimistic scenario.
Alan Vaksman
Founder and Managing Partner at Digital Horizon
Head of Product Consulting
at DH Venture Builder
Victoria Arinstein
Chief Investment Officer
at Digital Horizon
Denis Ivanov
Partner at Digital Horizon VC
Vlad Tropko
Partner at Digital Horizon VC
Rohit Mathur
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